Heartland Products Around the World.

Products from Heartland Food Products Group can be found around the world. We offer hundreds of private label products and several branded items as well. Please contact if you are interested in receiving more information about purchasing our products for your business.


As one of the largest, most respected private label sweetener manufacturer, Heartland Food Products Group strives to provide the best products available. We are customer focused and 100% committed to on-time delivery, fill rates, and flawless product quality. We partner with our retail customers to provide high-quality private label products for the end consumer.


Heartland's brands include Ideal® No and Low Calorie Sweeteners, Nevella® with Probiotics No Calorie Sweetener, and Smart Sugar™. Ideal® and Nevella® are available in packet or pouch forms, as well as in bulk form for food service applications. Smart Sugar™ is available in a baking bag. Our dedication to innovation in the sweetener category has brought these brands to life

With its main ingredient xylitol, Ideal® maintains its sweetness in baking and cooking, AND delivers volume and texture other sweeteners do not.
Heartland's Nevella® with Probiotics product was the first no-calorie sweetener to add probiotics. It measures cup-for-cup like sugar and is wonderful in cooking and baking.
Smart Sugar™
Made with real cane sugar, Smart Sugar™ offers consumers a low-calorie sweetener option for baking and cooking.